Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Egypt’s leader promise not to be a dictator

For several days, people have demonstrated against Egypt’s leader Mohammed Mursi. People are angry that President Mursi has given himself more power. They are worried that he wants to make Egypt into a dictatorship where he decides everything.

Mohammed Mursi tried on Thursday reassure the people.
- I will not make Egypt to a dictatorship, he said in a speech on television.

Today a special group of politicians are going to approve a new constitution for Egypt. The group includes most politicians from Mursis party Muslimska Brödarskapet. Christianize and liberial politicians have left the group in protest. They think that the Islamists in Mursis party have too much power in the group.

In two weeks the people will get to vote on the new Constitution.

Muhammed Mursi säger att Egypten ska vara en ett demokratiskt land.
Foto: Maya Alleruzzo/Scanpix.

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