Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Fined over SEK 100 000 just for a gay joke

Suso joked with teammate Jose Enrique and called him gay. Published last month, Suso, 19, a photo on Twitter with teammate Jose Enrique who had undergone a teeth whitening to make teeth white.
"What the f *** is he doing? This guy is gay ... he does everything except play football, "Suso wrote on Twitter.
Freely translated: "What the hell is he doing? The guy is gay ... he's doing everything except playing football. "
Then they took away Suso post and published the picture with the comment: "I do not know what to say ...".

Monday, 17 December 2012


Sweden won the World Cup finals in floor ball.
Finland had no chance in the final.
The Swedish guys won 11-5.
The past two years Finland has beaten Sweden in the final becoming world champion.
But in Switzerland on Sunday the Swedes had decided to change that.
And it was better than anyone had dared hope.
The Swedes shocked the Finns.
They took a big lead directly and after two periods Sweden won with 9-1.
It was 14 years since a team won the final of the World Cup so far.
This year it was Sweden who beat Switzerland with 10-3.
The Swedish floor ball team played fantastically throughout the World Cup.
They were far superior in all matches.
In the semifinal against Germany the Swedes won with 13-0.

Eurovision song contest
It´s going to be lots of different music styles on the Eurovision song contest next year. At least if the artists sing as usually. It can be hard rock, blues, country and soul.
The first competition is in February. It´s going to be like before, four competitions.  The Swedish television has now told us some artists. These are some of all  the artists. Eric Gadd, Joacim Cans, Sean Banan, Rickard Wolff, Erik Segerstedt, Pernilla Wahlgren and Louise Hoffsten.     

A train was on fire on the trainstation in Stockholm

There was a train started burn on the Stockholms central on the Sunday. Two train wagons burn when the firemans came to extinguish the fire. The trains was empty when the train burn, and no peoples was injured.
Many trains were delayed after the fire. It took more than one hour before the trains could start driving again.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Tymona Matelborg and her husband escaped from their Hyundai Sonata with relatively minor injuries after a 100-foot dead fir tree crushed the car while they were inside. The Canby, Oregon couple had just parked when a nearby tree snapped off at its base and fell, leaving only a small opening for them to crawl out of the passenger window.

"If you look at the passenger's compartment, especially the driver's compartment, there's about a space of about two loafs of bread in there. How the husband survived is just remarkable," said Troy Buzalsky, division chief with Canby Fire.

Based on the damage and size of the tree, rescuers expected possible fatalities, but the two survivors were treated for non-serious injuries at Oregon Health and Science University and later released. The Canby Fire and Rescue reported that the tree fell because of a combination of a dead root system and saturated soil from days of heavy rain.

Christmas came early for an Abilene, Texas, family whose two-year-old daughter is home today after spending her entire young life being treated at a Fort Worth hospital.

Adalynn Willett was born with her intestines and liver outside her body. The toddler went home for the first time this week after spending 850 days in Cook Children's Medical Center.
"She is very excited to be home," says her father, Bryan Willett. "She’s full of joy.”


class 2 warrning

                             Class 2 warning
It is a class 2 warning in sweden it gona snow alot at kalmar and oland so the safety help warns the humans in the citys in the places as gona ge it. They says it gona be 40 centimeter deep snow and maybe more. But people still gona go to work but maybe not use their cars but they hope they can use them. And they have put out some extra recorses to make it safe if it should get even worst.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Swedish House Mafias last concerts

Three nights in a row the group Swedish House Mafia fill the Friends arena With a dancing audience.
Yesterday was the second concert. Almost 35 thousand youth came to watch.
Swedish House Mafia play house music. The group have being very famous the last years.
They have had great concerts in Sweden and in other countries.
Yet the group's three members now stop performing together.
      We need to spend more time with over family’s. And we wont to do own stuff instead of to occur in the group, says Sebastian Ingrosso from Swedish House Music.

No medal to Sweden

Sweden has no chance to win a medal in the World handball championships. The Swedish girls made a good match against Norway. But they lost anyway. That means that Sweden missed important points and can´t get to playoffs. Most expected is that Norway will win. Norway is the best team in the world and they have won both OG and World championships. But Sweden led the match for a long time.  In half time Sweden led with two goals. But in the end of the match Norway went past and won with 28-25.

Angry birds film

Angry birds
Skaparna av det populära smartphone spelet Angry birds säger att en filmversion kommer att bli ivägslungad till en bioskärm 2016.
Filmen kommer att vara en 3D animation och kommer vara producerad av John Cohen.
John har redan jobbat med många dundersuccéer som till exempel Iron man, Despicable Me och Ice age.
Ravio, företaget som gjorde Angry birds, började med spelet 2009 och sedan blev det nedladdat mer än en billion gånger!

The Christmas goat  in Gävle has burned down.

The famous Christmas goat in Gävle didn't get to live this year either. The night to the Lucia day the goat burned down. Someone set the goat on fire, but the police don't know how.  


Sweden has no chance to win medal in the World Handball Championships. The Swedish girl did a good match against Norway. But they lost anyway. This means that Sweden missed important points and can’t make it to the playoffs. Most expected that Norway would win. Norway is the world's best team and has won both Olympic and World Championships. But Sweden led the match long. At half-time led Sweden with two goals. But at the end of the match went past Norway and won by 28-25.


EU countries agree that
the largest banks to be better controlled.
EU countries will have a
common banking supervision.

It will ensure that banks are not careless
and such lend too much money.
Today, several countries in Europe that are in economic crisis.
Some say that the crisis is partly due
that banks lent too much money.

The control will apply the 200 largest banks in Europe.

Sweden has said yes to EU control.
But banks in Sweden will
So far, not controlled by the EU.
Sweden has a private bank control that works well.

It is now merely states
that have the euro as the
to be in the EU banking supervision.

The idea is that banks
EU to cooperate more in the future.
Swedish government does not like it.
It believes that the euro countries will
determining for very
and Sweden's power decreases.


Yesterday Sweden played against Norway, they led the entire game until the second half when the game ended 28-25 to Norway
Now there is no chance that Sweden takes a Championship medal in handball 2012

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Aregawi may compete for Sweden

Abeba Aregawi is one of the world's fastest runner. Last summer came Ababa Aregawi in fifth place in the 1500 meter race in the Olympics.
Then she competed for Ethiopia. The next major championship she competes for Sweden. Abeba Aregawi has lived in Sweden since 2009 and is a Swedish citizen. International Association of Athletics Federations now says that she will compete for Sweden.
Probably she is in the European Championships in Gothenburg in the summer.

Antalet konserter i Storbritannien minskar

Numret av alla konserter i Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester och Birmingham har nästan halverats jämfört med förra året.
I Manchester har numret av alla spelningar sjunkit från 3,411 förra året till 1,440 detta år.
Rob Hallet, som jobbar på konsert bolaget AEG Live, säger att några arenor är bara förstora och banden är oroliga för att inte fyll alla sittplatser.
”Millennium stadium är en bra arena, men det är för stor arena i en alltför liten stad, ” säger han om staden Cardiff
”Hur många grupper kan sälja 55,000? Man vill inte va där med 20,000. Det är olyckligt.” 


Today tågbolaget SJ
stopping several train trips that people
bought tickets. In one week
forward, over a hundred Railroads
to be set.
SJ says that the trains must be repaired and
they must be given time to shovel away
snow and ice.

Thousands of Swedes traveling by train
during the Christmas holidays. I know SJ.
Therefore hope that all SJ trains can
go back to normal from the 20th december.

SJ stops including several trips
between Stockholm and Gothenburg
and Stockholm and Malmö.

Those who have already purchased tickets
for cancellations must reschedule
their tickets free, promises SJ.
En orm gjorde så att det blev en stor chock när ett par hitta den runt deras toalett stol hemma I Skottland.

paret kontaktade den Skottska SPCA, som räddade den läskiga reptilen som dom kallade Lulu.

Dom tror att ormen rymde från en granne och slingrade sig genom ett hål i vägen bredvid toalett röret.

Lulu tas nu hand om medans hon väntar på att bli återförenad med hennes ägare.

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Gart Crooks Team av veckan

Det handlade om dem sena vinnarna i Premier League i helgen.

Manchester Uniteds Robin van Persie ryckte från rivalerna City i en klassik derby, medan en annan senare vinnare för Everton över Tottenham tog Kola till fjärde plats.

Samtidigt slog Norwich Swansea att fortsätta sin imponerande körning av form i en av ett antal utestående spel.

Swedish House Mafias last concerts

Three nights in a row the group Swedish House Mafia fill the Friends arena With a dancing audience.
Yesterday was the second concert. Almost 35 thousand youth came to watch.
Swedish House Mafia play house music. The group have being very famous the last years.
They have had great concerts in Sweden and in other countries.
Yet the group's three members now stop performing together.
-          We need to spend more time with over family’s. And we wont to do own stuff instead of to occur in the group, says Sebastian Ingrosso from Swedish House Music.


Finland have the worlds best schools.According to a new study
as the U.S. company Pearson
have done. The company has over
schools in 40 different countries.
Second best in education
the country is Korea.

This is no surprise.
Finland and South Korea tend to be in the top
in similar surveys.

Sweden is at 21 on the list.
The worst schools in country
Indonesia and Mexico.

Justin Bieber plays in Sweden

is number one the charts in thirty countries.
The 18-year-old teen idol from Canada has toured and recorded worldwide.
But in Sweden he nerve have a concert before.
But next year, his Swedish fans a chance to see him.
Justin Bieber play in the glob in Stockholm April 22.
- It's incredibly fun to he want to come to Sweden, says David Maloney the company FKP Scorpio to the Justin Bieber is one of the most famous artist in the world. His new album Believe newspaper Expressen.
Justin Bieber is a artist who had an impact on the site Youtube.
2008, he laid out his songs on Youtube.
Then it went very rapidly and today is Justin Bieber one of the world's most famous artists. He has sold more than 15 million records.

Goast on Greveholm!
This Christmas children look at goast in the new episode of the Christmas calendar on television.
The family Olsson on the castle Greveholm is back. The mystery on Greveholm was a Christmas calendar in 1996. The series is about a family that moves in to a castle where it´s goast. The name of the Christmas Calendar is: the mystery on Greveholm- grevens return

Soccer Referee died after assault

A football referee in the Netherlands was attacked after a match between two boys team. Some young people in the away team were dissatisfied with how the judge ruled. They beat and kicked the judge in the head. The judge felt bad on the evening after the game and went to a hospital. There the judge died of the injuries he received.
-What happened is terrible, says Holland Sport Edith Schippers.
Several youths have been arrested by the police.

Gangnam Style <3

Korean Gangnam style has hit Justin Bieber fans and is the most watched YouTube video ever!                                                                                               Gangnam Style had noted 805 million impressions, compared to Justin Bieber 803 million. Incredibly went Gangnam Style only online in July and it is still looked 7-10. 000 .000 times a day!                                                                               It is also the most liked YouTube video, with over 5.4 million like it.
The horse-dance has been number one in 28 countries. The video and dance has lit dance floor over the whole world!!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Taekwondo stjärnan Jade Jones har utsetts till BBC Cymru Wales Sports Personality of the Year 2012

Den nittonårige tjejen från Flint, som ligger i norra Wales, vann flest röster från allmänheten, med rugby spelaren Dan Lydiate på andra plats och cyklisten Geraint Thomas på tredje. Jade vann Storbritanniens första guldmedalj i taekwondo på OS i London 2012.

– Det är en stor ära, säger hon, jag kan inte fatta att jag har vunnit.
Jade började lära sej taekwondo av sin farfar när hon var åtta år gammal. Hon kämpade för att vinna kvinnornas-57kg London 2012 titel och slå Kinas Yuzhuo Hou 6-4.
The Welsh Sports Personality of the Year 2012 ceremonin hölls på Millenium Stadium i Cardiff I måndags kväll och då firades det gångna året inom walesisk sport.

Flygande kameror

från att filma landskap till stora event, special kontrollerade kameror som sitter på en liten helikopter.och är även använda för att ta häftiga kort från luften.
dom kan få fotton som skulle varit väldigt svårt för vanliga kamera män att ta, men dom gör också folk oroliga.
det är för att dom kan förstöra ens fritid.
heyley har fått tag i en pilot som ska hjälpa han

orm i badrummet

Den här ormen skapade en stor chock när ett par upptäckte den slingra runt på deras toalett i deras hus i Skottland. Dom kontaktade det skottska SPCA, som räddade den slingrande reptilen och gav henne smaknamnet Lulu.

Dom tror att ormen rymt från en granne och kommit in genom en springa i väggen bredvid toalettröret.

Lulu tas nu omhand medans hon väntar på att återförenas med sin ägare. Skottska SPCA´s överinspektör ” hon är väl utfodrad och i bra skick, så vi är säkra på att någon saknar henne ” säger hon.


News/Monkey in coat sent to sanctuary Av Albin Skoglund

En apa som finns på löst i en möbelaffär parkeringsplats i Kanada har skickats till en fristad för djur.
Darwin gjorde en 5 månader gammal makak rubriker runt om i världen efter shoppare i Toronto som såg honom bära en fårskinns päls och en blöja.
Reportrar säger att han försvann från en låda i sin egen bil.
Darwin´s ägare har nu... ?Vet inte ( C$240 (£151) for owning an animal they weren't supposed to.)
Bronwyn sida var shopping på den tiden. Hon sade "Detta är så bisarr, jag aldrig väntat att se detta."
"Alla människor försökte att kalla det mot dom", sa hon, "men det var mycket rädd, det rusa överallt."

47 countries are working together to stop sex with children

The police find it very difficult to stop crimes that are happening on the internet. For example it’s common that pedophiles in different countries cooperate and send pictures with child pornography to each other. Sweden and forty-six other countries are now going to work together to stop the crimes that are about sex with children. Some of the countries are the United States, Japan and all the EU-countries.

-We will try to find the pedophiles on the internet. We will make internet to a safer place for the children. We will also aim for that all the countries prohibits pedophiles to work with children. We have to cooperate to stop these crimes, says EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström.

47 countries working together to stop child sex

For the police it’s hard to stop a sex crime that happens on the internet. For example it’s very common for pedophiles in other countries to work together and send pictures of child porn. Sweden and 46 other countries are now going to work together to stop crimes that concern child sex. Some of the countries are USA, Japan, and all of the EC-countries.
-         We’re going to try to find the pedophiles on the internet. We’re going to make internet to a safe place for kids. We will also aim for all the countries to forbid pedophiles to work with children. We must work together to stop these crimes, says the EC- commissioner Cecilia Malmström. 

Source: http://www.8sidor.se/utrikes/2012/12/47-lander-samarbetar-for-att-stoppa-barnsex

47 countries cooperate to stop child sex.
published: 2012-12-04
The police find it difficult to stop crimes on the internet.
It’s for example commonly that those pedophiles in different countries cooperate and sends pictures with childporn to each other.
Sweden and 46 other countries will now work together to stop crimes about sex with young children. Some of the countries are USA, Japan and all EU-countries.
-        -  We try to find the pedophiles on Internet. We will make Internet a safer place for kids. We will also aim that all countries ban pedophiles working with children.
We must cooperate to stop these crimes, says EU-commissioner Cecilia Malmström.

A 34-floors skyscraper in Dubai, caught fire on Sunday morning.

The building is located in Jumeriah Lake Towers in the south of Dubai. The area has both apartments, offices and shops.
As the fire spread through the skyscraper fled the residents out on the street - some wearing only pajamas, reports the news agency AP.
Police in Dubai say that they quickly gained control of the fire and that no people were injured. In contrast to hundreds of apartments in the building have been destroyed.
According to AP, the incident add to the debate on fire safety in the country, where many people live in high-rise.

Monday, 10 December 2012

outhous digger

Outhous diggers found an ironage grave

Ulla Gustafsson in Lillburtnan in Jämtland should dig a ground to a new outhouse. Her son begun to dig and found a two inches arrow and some iron tools in the grave.

Tre hundar i Nya Zealand lär sig hur man kör bil av djurskyddsförbundet

Monty, Ginny och Porter har lärt sig att växla och även att svänga.
Förbundet vill visa hur smarta djur kan vara och uppmuntra människor att adoptera hemlösa husdjur.
De smarta valparna övervakades av experter hela tiden. Så prova inte det här hemma med dina egna husdjur!


Polarisen smälter snabbare nu än på 1990-talet, säger forskare

Inlandsisen som täcker Grönland och Antarktis smälter nu tre gånger så snabbt som på 1990-talet enligt en stor undersökning från satellit data.

Forskare säger att beloppet av förlorad is är tillräckligt stor för att öka havsnivån med nästan en millimeter per år.

Det betyder att den smältande isen har orsakat så att havsnivån har höjts 11.1 millimeter sedan 1992 - Ungefär en femtedel av den totala höjningen.

Tuff utmaning

Mer än 20 polarforsknings team jobbade tillsammans för att kolla isens tillstånd på Grönland och Antarktis.

Ända fram tills nu har det varit väldigt svårt att mäta inlandsisar, men experter säger att den nya forskningen kan hjälpa till att förutsäga stigande hav i framtiden.

Dr Hamish Pritchard från den brittiska delen av antarktisk-undersökningen sa:
"Nästa stora utmaning - Nu när vi förstår ganska så bra vad det var som hade hänt de senaste 20 åren - är att kunna förutsäga vad som händer under nästa århundrade.

"Och det kommer att bli en tuff utmaning."

475 people dead in a storm

                                                475 people dead in a storm.
At least 475 people died in a storm in the country Philippines. The storm swept over the island Mindanao and caused great damage. The winds were fierce and tore up trees by roots. Roof blew off houses and electricity lines collapsed. The rain poured down and it was a flood.
At least 200 thousand people have got their homes destroyed. Rescue workers believe that the death toll can rise.
Many people are still missing.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

                                                                 Poker tuornement
Donates all profits - after poker tournament Hollywood stars playing poker - and donated two million to sick children. This weekend was played celebrity tournament "Four Kings and an Ace" in Hollywood. The aim was to play poker and raise money for needy children. Super star Robert Downey JR was one of those who contributed to nearly two million were remitted. It was on Saturday that the tournament was held at the London Hotel in West Hollywood, Los Angeles,  Mega Stars like Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Robert Downey JR and Sean Penn lined up in the big poker tournament hosted.  The purpose was, besides having a nice evening, play money for children with various disabilities. Was a success Overall played Hollywood celebrities in 300,000 dollars, nearly two million, which was then donated to the children. It cost $ 10 000 to set up the tournament. But then also included dinner at celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, and poker lessons by WPT commentators Vince Van Patten and Mike Sexton. Mike Sexton then tweeted about the event and paid tribute to the stars. Wonderful. Awesome atmosphere at charity gala with Mel Gibson, Robert Downey JR and Jodie Foster

Zlatan tillbaka i PSG efter att ha varit avstängd 2 matcher.
När Zlatan kom tillbaka gjorde han en lysande match, plus att dem vann! Det blev 4-0 till PSG i matchen mot Troyes. Zlatan gjorde 2 assist och även 2 fina mål. Det blev mycket beröm åt Zlatan i dem franska tidningarna. Zlatan har gjort 12 mål på 11 matcher i den franska ligan.

Zlatan is back in PSG after having been off for two games.
When Zlatan came back, he made a brilliant match, plus they won! It became 4-0 to PSG in the match against Troyes. Zlatan made ​​two assists and also two fine goals. There was much praise for Zlatan in the French newspapers. Zlatan has scored 12 goals in 11 matches in the French league.

Swedish House Mafia

Three nights in a row youths come to look at Swedish House Mafia to fill the new friends arena with a dancing audience. Yesterday was the second Concert.  Almost 35 thousand youths were there. Swedish House Mafia plays house music. The group has been very popular the last year. They have had very big concerts both in Sweden and in other countries. Anyway the three members in the group are going to perform for the last time together.  
-         We need to get more time with our families. And we want to do our own stuff instead of performing as a group, says Sebastian Ingrosso in Swedish House Mafia.

I found my information at:

Lady Gaga stopped in Indonesia

<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->Lots of people looked forward to singer Lady Gaga’s concert in Indonesia. Her concert in the capital Jakarta the 3th July was sold out. But now the concert has been stopped by the police officers in Indonesia. Police say it is too dangerous to let the American artist play. Strict Islamists in Indonesia dislike Lady Gaga. They say she is sinful and that sexy clothing is immoral. An Islamist group has warned Lady Gaga to come to Indonesia. They threatened to stop her concert. Thirty thousand Islamists would gather in Jakarta and stop the concert by force. 

Psy Gangman Syle

Med nästan 2miljoner träffar på videon som har dykt upp på tv stationer över hela världen.
Gangman Syle har nyligen blivit YouTubes mest tittade video klipp genom tiderna.
En sak är säkert, elräkningen för ljud- och ljusshowen måste blivit skyhög.

Shootings in robbery
Several men robbed just before lunch, a jewelry shop in Vårberg center outside Stockholm.
According to the police fired shots inside the store.
- We hunt right now the suspects in the area, says Eva Nilsson at police in Stockholm.
The alarm came in to police at 11:45 am. The robbers disappeared on foot from the robbery, a large police hunt right now robbers.
- No one has been arrested yet, says Eva Nilsson.
It is currently unknown if any damaged during the robbery.
- There are between three and five suspected perpetrators. We've got some different tasks, says Eva Nilsson.
It is unclear if the robbers got anything from jewelery shop
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

One Direction plays in Sweden

The British boy band One Direction come to Sweden next year. The band plays at Friends Arena in Stockholm in May the 8th. One Direction became known in
the competition X-Factor in the UK. In 2010 the band has sold more than 12 million records. On Friday, November 2nd the tickets to the concert are released.


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

One directon plays in Sweden

The British boy band One direction comes to Sweden next year. The band plays at Friends Arena in Stockholm on the 8th of May. 

One directon got famous in the competition Xfactor in the United Kingdom in 2010. The band has sold more than 20 million records. 

On Friday the 2nd of November tickets to the concert will be sold.