Thursday, 13 December 2012


EU countries agree that
the largest banks to be better controlled.
EU countries will have a
common banking supervision.

It will ensure that banks are not careless
and such lend too much money.
Today, several countries in Europe that are in economic crisis.
Some say that the crisis is partly due
that banks lent too much money.

The control will apply the 200 largest banks in Europe.

Sweden has said yes to EU control.
But banks in Sweden will
So far, not controlled by the EU.
Sweden has a private bank control that works well.

It is now merely states
that have the euro as the
to be in the EU banking supervision.

The idea is that banks
EU to cooperate more in the future.
Swedish government does not like it.
It believes that the euro countries will
determining for very
and Sweden's power decreases.

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