Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Fined over SEK 100 000 just for a gay joke

Suso joked with teammate Jose Enrique and called him gay. Published last month, Suso, 19, a photo on Twitter with teammate Jose Enrique who had undergone a teeth whitening to make teeth white.
"What the f *** is he doing? This guy is gay ... he does everything except play football, "Suso wrote on Twitter.
Freely translated: "What the hell is he doing? The guy is gay ... he's doing everything except playing football. "
Then they took away Suso post and published the picture with the comment: "I do not know what to say ...".

Monday, 17 December 2012


Sweden won the World Cup finals in floor ball.
Finland had no chance in the final.
The Swedish guys won 11-5.
The past two years Finland has beaten Sweden in the final becoming world champion.
But in Switzerland on Sunday the Swedes had decided to change that.
And it was better than anyone had dared hope.
The Swedes shocked the Finns.
They took a big lead directly and after two periods Sweden won with 9-1.
It was 14 years since a team won the final of the World Cup so far.
This year it was Sweden who beat Switzerland with 10-3.
The Swedish floor ball team played fantastically throughout the World Cup.
They were far superior in all matches.
In the semifinal against Germany the Swedes won with 13-0.

Eurovision song contest
It´s going to be lots of different music styles on the Eurovision song contest next year. At least if the artists sing as usually. It can be hard rock, blues, country and soul.
The first competition is in February. It´s going to be like before, four competitions.  The Swedish television has now told us some artists. These are some of all  the artists. Eric Gadd, Joacim Cans, Sean Banan, Rickard Wolff, Erik Segerstedt, Pernilla Wahlgren and Louise Hoffsten.     

A train was on fire on the trainstation in Stockholm

There was a train started burn on the Stockholms central on the Sunday. Two train wagons burn when the firemans came to extinguish the fire. The trains was empty when the train burn, and no peoples was injured.
Many trains were delayed after the fire. It took more than one hour before the trains could start driving again.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Tymona Matelborg and her husband escaped from their Hyundai Sonata with relatively minor injuries after a 100-foot dead fir tree crushed the car while they were inside. The Canby, Oregon couple had just parked when a nearby tree snapped off at its base and fell, leaving only a small opening for them to crawl out of the passenger window.

"If you look at the passenger's compartment, especially the driver's compartment, there's about a space of about two loafs of bread in there. How the husband survived is just remarkable," said Troy Buzalsky, division chief with Canby Fire.

Based on the damage and size of the tree, rescuers expected possible fatalities, but the two survivors were treated for non-serious injuries at Oregon Health and Science University and later released. The Canby Fire and Rescue reported that the tree fell because of a combination of a dead root system and saturated soil from days of heavy rain.

Christmas came early for an Abilene, Texas, family whose two-year-old daughter is home today after spending her entire young life being treated at a Fort Worth hospital.

Adalynn Willett was born with her intestines and liver outside her body. The toddler went home for the first time this week after spending 850 days in Cook Children's Medical Center.
"She is very excited to be home," says her father, Bryan Willett. "She’s full of joy.”