Thursday, 6 December 2012

                                                                 Poker tuornement
Donates all profits - after poker tournament Hollywood stars playing poker - and donated two million to sick children. This weekend was played celebrity tournament "Four Kings and an Ace" in Hollywood. The aim was to play poker and raise money for needy children. Super star Robert Downey JR was one of those who contributed to nearly two million were remitted. It was on Saturday that the tournament was held at the London Hotel in West Hollywood, Los Angeles,  Mega Stars like Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Robert Downey JR and Sean Penn lined up in the big poker tournament hosted.  The purpose was, besides having a nice evening, play money for children with various disabilities. Was a success Overall played Hollywood celebrities in 300,000 dollars, nearly two million, which was then donated to the children. It cost $ 10 000 to set up the tournament. But then also included dinner at celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, and poker lessons by WPT commentators Vince Van Patten and Mike Sexton. Mike Sexton then tweeted about the event and paid tribute to the stars. Wonderful. Awesome atmosphere at charity gala with Mel Gibson, Robert Downey JR and Jodie Foster

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