Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A 52- year old Swedish man has been indicted for sex crime against children

A 52- year old man from Skåne was indicted  Friday last week for sex crime . The man is suspected for ordered rapes of children in the Philippines. The children who were raped are between 6- 10 years old.
The man has been watching while the kids were raped. He’s been looking at the rapes on his computer in his home in Skåne.  Thomas Andersson at the organisation Ecpat says so. Ecpat works for stopping sex crime against children. The prosecutor says that the man have been watching and filming children getting raped 18 times.
It’s the first time someone in Sweden has been prosecuted for this sort of sex  crime. It’s unusual that someone in Sweden gets prosecuted for a sex crime in another country too.
The trial against the man began last week. The prosecutor believes that the court will punish the man with many years in prison.  

Source: http://www.8sidor.se/inrikes/2012/11/52-arig-svensk-atalad-for-sexbrott-mot-barn

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